Whether your service engine soon light comes on, or whether it’s time for your regular scheduled maintenance, we at A+ Auto Care are here to work with you from beginning to end. Our ASE-Certified technicians are easy to work with and professional. With customer satisfaction being our top priority, you can feel confident that your service visit will be second to none!

We realize that car troubles can happen unexpectedly, without checking if our budgets are prepared to handle the expenses. At A+ Auto Care, we take care in diagnosing your auto repair needs, so that if something doesn’t really need to be fixed, we won’t press you to have it done. We do our best to keep our prices down so you can get more work done on your vehicle when it needs to be done. We also offer financing through Automotive Resource Institute (ARI). See a shop associate for details.

Oh, yes…you might want some idea of what type of services we offer. Well, read below, but if there is something you don’t see, don’t hesitate to ask us. Chances are, we will work with one of our reputable partner shops to get what you need fixed. After all, we are a one-stop shop! Read More